KMBNFM01 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Unit 1 Investment {Book}  
Overview of Capital Market: Market of Securities VIEW
Stock Exchange and New issues Markets: Nature, Structure, Functioning and Limitations VIEW
Trading of securities:  
Equity VIEW
Debentures/Bonds VIEW
Securities Trading: Types of orders, Margin Trading VIEW
Clearing and settlement Procedures VIEW
Regulatory systems for equity Markets VIEW
Type of investors VIEW
Aim & Approaches of Security Analysis VIEW


Unit 2 Portfolio Theory {Book}  
Risk & Return: Concept of Risk, Component & Measurement of Risk VIEW
Covariance VIEW
Correlation coefficient VIEW
Measurement of systematic Risk VIEW
Fundamental Analysis: Economic, Industry, Company Analysis VIEW
Portfolio Risk and Return VIEW
Beta as a Measure of Risk, Calculation of Beta VIEW
Selection of Portfolio:  
Markowitz’s Theory VIEW
Single Index Model VIEW


Unit 3 Capital Market & Asset Pricing {Book}  
Technical Analysis:  
Support and Resistance Level, Type of charts & its interpretations VIEW
Trend Line VIEW
Gap Wave Theory VIEW
Relative Strength analysis VIEW
Technical Versus Fundamental Analysis VIEW
Nature of Stock Markets VIEW
EMH (Efficient Market Hypothesis) and its implications for investment decision VIEW
Capital Market Theorem VIEW
CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) VIEW
Arbitrage Pricing Theory VIEW


Unit 4 Bond, Equity and Derivative Analysis {Book}  
Valuation of Equity VIEW
Discounted cash-flow Techniques VIEW
Balance Sheet Valuation VIEW
Dividend discount Model VIEW
Intrinsic value and Market Price VIEW
Earning Multiplier Approach VIEW
P/E Ratio VIEW
Price/Book Value VIEW
Price/Sales Ratio VIEW
Economic Value added (EVA) VIEW
Valuation of Debentures/Bonds:  
Nature of Bonds, Valuation VIEW
Bond Theorem, Term Structure of Interest Rates VIEW


Unit 5 Active Portfolio Management {Book}  
Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation VIEW
Performance Evaluation of existing Portfolio VIEW
Sharpe, Treynor and Jensen Measures VIEW
Finding alternatives and Revision of Portfolio VIEW
Portfolio Management and Mutual Fund Industry VIEW


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