KMBNFM02 Financial Planning and Tax Management

Unit 1 Financial Planning {Book}  
Financial Planning: Definition VIEW
Need of financial Planning and process of Financial Planning VIEW
Role of Financial Planner VIEW
Myths about Financial Planning VIEW
Factors that influence the personal financial planning VIEW
Investor’s life cycle VIEW
Financial goals of investors VIEW
Risk Appetite, Risk Profiling VIEW
Systematic approach to investing: SIP, SWP, STP VIEW
Financial Plan; Goal based Financial Plan VIEW
Comprehensive Financial Plan; Financial Blood Test Report VIEW
Unit 2 Asset Allocation {Book}  
Asset Allocation: Guidelines for asset Allocation VIEW
Classification of Assets VIEW
Risk returns characteristics of assets VIEW
Factors involved in Asset allocation VIEW
Principles of Asset Allocation VIEW
Retirement planning, Need for retirement planning VIEW
Golden Rules of retirement planning VIEW
Retirement planning process VIEW
Retirement planning investment options VIEW VIEW
Estate planning Definition and Need of Estate Planning VIEW
Unit 3 Introduction to Tax {Book}  
Definition: Cannons of Taxation Person VIEW
Assessee VIEW
Income VIEW
Previous Year, Assessment Year VIEW
Income tax Important Dates and Forms VIEW
Residential Status & Tax Incidence VIEW
Individual income Exempted from Tax VIEW
Unit 4 Heads of Income {Book}  
Salaries VIEW
Income from House Property VIEW
Profits & Gains from business or Profession VIEW
Capital Gains VIEW
Income from other sources VIEW
Clubbing of income VIEW
Calculation of Taxable income VIEW
Tax calculation including surcharge and Marginal relief VIEW
Deduction in Tax VIEW
Rebate in Tax VIEW
Relief in Tax VIEW
Set off & Carry forward of losses-Principles, Meaning VIEW
Inter-Sources & Inter head set off VIEW
Unit 5 Tax Planning and Management {Book}  
Tax Avoidance & Evasion                                                      VIEW
Tax Planning VIEW
Income Tax Authorities; Their Appointment, Jurisdiction, Powers and function VIEW
Provisions relating to collection and recovery of Tax VIEW
Refund of Tax VIEW
Tax Offences VIEW
Penalties & Prosecutions VIEW
Appeals and Revisions VIEW
Advance Tax VIEW
Advance Rulings VIEW
Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements VIEW


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