KMBNHR01 Talent Management

Unit 1 Introduction to Talent Management {Book)  
Concept, Meaning & Objectives of Talent Management VIEW
Role of Talent Management in Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage to a firm VIEW
Key Processes of Talent Management:  
Recruitment VIEW
Selection VIEW
Human Resource Planning VIEW
Retention VIEW
Talent vs. Knowledge VIEW
Consequences of Failure in Managing Talent VIEW
Identifying and Assessing High-Potential Talent: Current organizational Practices VIEW


Unit 2 Talent Acquisition {Book)  
Talent Acquisition VIEW
Job Analysis VIEW
Questionnaires, Interviews VIEW
Developing Job Description and Job Specification VIEW
Attracting and Recruiting the Best Talents VIEW
Strategic Trends in Talent Acquisition VIEW
Talent Acquisition Management Solutions VIEW
HR Planning for Talent Management: Process VIEW
Evaluation of factors affecting HR Planning VIEW
Strategic View of Recruitment & Selection VIEW


Unit 3 Recruitment & Selection Process {Book)  
Recruitment & Selection Process: Introduction VIEW
Sources of Recruitment VIEW
Use of Assessment Centers VIEW
Selection Errors and Minimizing Selection Errors VIEW
Reliability and Validity of Selection Tests VIEW
Choosing suitable types of interviews VIEW
Formulating a recruitment strategy for senior level executives VIEW
Employee engagement:  
Process and outcomes of employee engagement VIEW
Ways of Achieving Employee engagement VIEW
Talent Development: Need Analysis VIEW
Knowledge Management VIEW
Competency Development VIEW
Developing Leadership Talent VIEW


Unit 4 Employee Retention: {Book)  
Employee Retention VIEW
Comprehensive approach Employees Retention VIEW
Managing Voluntary Turnover VIEW
Dealing with Job withdrawal VIEW
Strategic Compensation plan for Talent Engagement VIEW
Elements of Total Rewards VIEW
Integrated reward Philosophy VIEW
Designing integrated Rewards VIEW
Sustainable Talent Management VIEW
Reward Model VIEW
Career and Succession Planning VIEW


Unit 5 Emerging Trends in HR {Book)  
Human Resource Audits VIEW
Human Resource Information System (HRIS) VIEW
Human Resource Accounting (HRA) VIEW
Business Process Re-Engineering VIEW
Contemporary Talent Management issues and Challenges VIEW


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