KMBNMK05 Social Media and Web Analytics

Unit 1 Social Media & Analytics: {Book}
Introduction to Social Media, Social media landscape VIEW
Social Media Analytics & its Need VIEW
Social Media Analytics in Small and Large organizations VIEW
Application of Social Media Analytics in different Social media platforms VIEW
Introduction to Web Analytics: Definition, Process, Key terms: Site references, Keywords and Key phrases; building block terms: Visit characterization terms, Content characterization terms, Conversion metrics; Categories: Offsite web, on site web; VIEW
Web analytics platform, Web analytics evolution, Need of web analytics, Advantages & Limitations VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Network Fundamentals: The Social Networks Perspective, Nodes, Ties and Influencers, Social Network, Web data and Methods VIEW
Data Collection and Web Analytics Fundamentals:
Capturing Data: Web logs, Web Beacons, Java Script Tags, Packet Sniffing VIEW
Outcome data: E-commerce, Lead generation, Brand/ Advocacy and Support VIEW
Competitive Data: Panel Based measurement, ISP Based Measurement, Search Engine Data; Organizational Structure VIEW
Type and Size of Data, identifying unique page definition, Cookies, Link Coding Issues VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Common metrics: Hits, Page views, Visits, Unique Page Views, Bounce, Bounce rate & its improvement, Average Time on Site, Real Time report, Traffic Source Report, Custom Campaigns, Content Report, Google analytics VIEW
Key Performance Indicator, Need, Characteristics, Perspective and Uses VIEW
Graphs and Matrices, Basic Measures for individuals and networks VIEW
Random Graphs & Network evolution VIEW
Social Context Affiliation & Identity VIEW
Web analytics Tools: A/B testing, Online surveys, Web Crawling and Indexing VIEW
Natural Language Processing Techniques for Micro-text Analysis VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Facebook Analytics: Introduction, Parameters, Demographics, Analyzing page audience, Reach and engagement analysis, Post-Performance on FB VIEW
Social Campaigns: Goals and evaluating outcomes, Measuring and Analyzing Social Campaigns VIEW
Social Network Analysis like Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. AdWords, Benchmarking VIEW
Categories of Traffic, Organic traffic, Paid traffic VIEW
Google Analytics, Brief introduction and Working, Google website optimizer, Implementation Technology, Limitations, Performance concerns, Privacy issues VIEW
Unit 5 [Book]
Heuristic evaluations, Conducting a Heuristic Evaluation, Benefits of heuristic evaluations VIEW
Site Visits: Conducting a site visit, Benefits of site visits VIEW
Website Surveys, Post-visit Surveys, Creating and Running a Survey, Benefits of Surveys VIEW
Web analytics 1.0 & its Limitations VIEW
Introduction to WA 2.0 VIEW
Competitive Intelligence Analysis and Data Sources VIEW
Website Traffic Analysis, Traffic Trends, Site overlap and Opportunities VIEW

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