BCOM209 Human Resources Management GGSIPU B.COM 3rd Sem Notes

Unit 1 Human Resource Management [Book]  
Nature and Scope of HRM VIEW
Importance of HRM VIEW
Evolution of HRM VIEW
Emerging Challenges of HRM VIEW
Workforce Diversity VIEW VIEW
Downsizing, VRS VIEW VIEW
Work life balance VIEW VIEW
Employee code of conduct VIEW
Human Resource information System VIEW VIEW
Extra Topic  
Personnel Management vs. HRM VIEW
Empowerment, Human Capital VIEW
Flexi-time, Mentoring VIEW
Strategic HRM, Steps of Strategic HRM VIEW
Traditional HRM VS Strategic HRM VIEW
Unit 2 Acquisition of Human Resource [Book]  
Human Resource Planning Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions VIEW
Job analysis, Job Description and Job Specification VIEW
Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment VIEW
Recruitment Concept, Sources, Process VIEW
Methods and Techniques of E-recruitment VIEW
Selection Concept and Process VIEW
Selection techniques and Tools VIEW
Induction and Orientation VIEW
Retention VIEW
Internal Mobility and Job Changes Promotions, Demotion VIEW
Transfers and Separation VIEW
Unit 3 Training and Development [Book]  
Training and Development Concept and Importance VIEW
Role Specific and Competency Based Training VIEW
Training and Development Techniques and Programs: VIEW
Apprenticeship, Understudy, Vestibule Training, Case study, Role Play, Sensitivity Training, In-basket training, Conferences and Seminars VIEW
Job Rotation VIEW
Management Games VIEW
Coaching and Mentoring VIEW
Management Development Meaning, Process and Techniques VIEW
Training Process Outsourcing VIEW
Cultural Shock VIEW
Extra Topic to Read  
Identifying Training and Development Need, Designing Training Programs VIEW
Evaluating Training Effectiveness VIEW
Career Planning VIEW
Succession Planning VIEW
Career Development VIEW
Compensation Concept and Components of Employees Compensation VIEW
Job Evaluation Concept, Process and Significance VIEW
Unit 4 Performance Appraisal [Book]  
Performance Appraisal Nature and Objectives VIEW
Performance Appraisal Process VIEW
Techniques of Performance Appraisal VIEW
Employee counseling VIEW
Job changes VIEW
Transfers and Promotion VIEW VIEW
Compensation VIEW
Compensation Rules and Policies VIEW
Base and Complementary compensation VIEW
Individual and group incentives Plan VIEW VIEW
Fringe benefits VIEW
Performance linked compensation VIEW VIEW
Employee stock option VIEW VIEW
Pay band compensation System VIEW
Compensatory issues in Human Resource Management VIEW VIEW
Extra Topic to be Read  
Limitations of Performance Appraisal, Potential Appraisal VIEW
Maintenance Employee Health and Safety, Employee Welfare, Social Security VIEW
Industrial Relations An overview VIEW
Employee Grievance Concept and Cause VIEW
Grievance Handling, and Redressal Settlement Machinery VIEW

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