KMBNHR03 HR Analytics

Unit 1 Introduction to HR Analytics {Book}

HR Analytics, Evolution of HR Analytics VIEW
HR information systems and Data Sources VIEW VIEW
HR Metrics and HR Analytics VIEW
Intuition versus Analytical thinking VIEW
Analytics frameworks like LAMP VIEW
HR Scorecard VIEW
Workforce Scorecard VIEW
Unit 2 Human Resource Planning and forecasting: {Book}
Human Resource Planning VIEW
Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions of HR Planning VIEW
Methods and Techniques of HR Demand Forecasting VIEW
Data Base for Manpower Forecasting VIEW
Recruitment and Selection Analytics: VIEW
Evaluating Reliability and Validity of Selection models VIEW
Finding out Selection bias VIEW
Predicting the Performance and Turnover VIEW
Unit 3 Performance Analysis {Book}
Predicting employee performance VIEW
Training requirements VIEW VIEW
Evaluating Training and Development VIEW VIEW
Optimizing Selection and Promotion decisions VIEW
Analyzing and Classifying Training needs VIEW
Measuring Training effectiveness VIEW
Predicting Training effectiveness and performance VIEW VIEW
Designing a Compensation System VIEW VIEW
Understanding compensation Analytics, Quantifiable data VIEW
Factors affecting Compensation & Benefits VIEW
Analytics for compensation planning VIEW
Competency Scorecard VIEW VIEW
Unit 4 {Book}
Monitoring impact of Interventions: Tracking impact interventions VIEW
Evaluating Stress levels VIEW VIEW
Value change VIEW
Formulating evidence-based practices and Responsible investment VIEW
Evaluation Mediation process VIEW VIEW
Moderation and interaction analysis VIEW
Unit 5 {Book}
Applications of HR Metrics VIEW
Creating HR Dashboards: HR Metrics, Types of HR Metrics, Staffing Metrics, Training and Development Metrics, Application-oriented Exercises VIEW
Dashboards: Few Key Excel Add-ins/Functions to Help Create Dashboards, Name Range, The Developer Tab, Form Controls VIEW
Important Excel Formulas Useful for Creating Dashboards, VLOOKUP, INDEX, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF and COUNTIF VIEW
Application of Excel Functions in Creating HR Dashboards VIEW
Storyboarding: Connecting the Dots and Integrating the Findings VIEW

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